两类, 第一 类 Cash Information 现金信息(因为你都给的0,我在想这是你填的还是公司填的,如果是公司填的,那就是你的工资信息拉)

Cash Information
前面是七项 后面也分四项 填
Total/y Frequency 总次数(年) Current/m Remark目前备注(月)
1.Base 底薪
2. Lunch allowance 0 午餐津贴
3. Traffic allowance 0 交通津贴
4.Housing allowance 0 住房津贴
5.Annual Bonus (2006Y) 0 2006年年度奖金
6.Housing Funding 0 住房基金
7.Relocation allowance 0 搬迁津贴(因工作)

第二类是 Non-cash Information (什么意思啊) 非现金信息
Non-cash Information 后面是两项
Item Remarks 项目备注
1.Accident insurance 意外保险
2.Training allowance 培训津贴
3.Medical cash reimbursement 医疗现金报账
别的单字可以不会,reimbursement 这个字一定要会。所谓的 reimbursement 就是指你买东西或是出差自己先垫钱,回来之后要把这笔钱跟公司报帐。
4.Paid annual holiday 年度带薪假期
5.Paid sick leave 带薪病假
6.Mobile & allowance 手机&津贴
最后 :
Your expectation : 你的期望
Your forecast onboard date: 你的预计上岗日期

如果有问题,我的email: yingyuzhijia@hotmail.com
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I'm grateful for the opportunity to work for you and I enjoy doing so. I hope you'll agree that, in the two years I've worked for you, I've become an integral member of your team and accomplished a great deal. For example, in the last six months alone, I've

[List of major accomplishments]

However, I'm still working for the initial salary on which we agreed two years ago.

As I recall, we also agreed to renegotiate my salary in two years based on my accomplishments, and that time has come. In light of my accomplishments and as per our agreement, I'm respectfully requesting an immediate pay rise of six percent, to be followed in six months by a performance-based pay rise of an additional three percent.

I strongly feel that I've earned the immediate pay raise and I'm confident that I will also earn the six-month raise based on my performance. But I'm willing to negotiate, as per our agreement. If you would like to meet to discuss this, please let me know.

Thanks again for the opportunity. I look forward to continuing to be a key player on your team in a mutually-rewarding relationship.
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deserve a raise

I think I have been an effective and hard worker and deserve a raise.

I have been involved in many projects/things in addition to designing, such as XX. Those involvements are detail-oriented, and demand a lot of care and patience.

I hope to have an additional month's pay.

I prefer direct deposit to payment by cash.
I prefer direct deposit to payment by cash, if possible.

I value what I do here as a career, and am proud of being able to bring what I can to the company. I will try to prove myself to be an asset.
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Asking for a Raise要求加薪(1)

Mr. White: So, tell me : what makes you think we should give you a raise?
Miss Small: I've got several good reasons. I've been here several years, my work has proven to be good, and I've noticed that people in comparable jobs get paid more than I do.

Mr. White: Salaries are confidential, how do you know how much money these "other people" make?
Miss Small: Well, I've noticed all the new cars around here, for one thing.

Mr. White: Those are company cars provided to the sales staff for their business trips.
Also, some employees receive sales commissions. So good salesmen will naturally earn more.
Miss Small: That's understandable. Well, rather than comparing my salary with someone else's, perhaps we could talk about my job performance. Surely you've noticed the extra hours I've put in recently? If i were being paid an hourly wage, with the standard time-and-a-half for overtime, I'd be earning much more.

Mr. White: I see your point. However, it might be hard to get a raise approved. Profits were down last quarter, and the whole company is tightening its belt, so anything that affects the annual budget is hard to get approved. But I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll give you a one-time bonus for your recent hard work. And I'll try to arrange some sort of compensation for any future overtime.
Miss Small: That would be very good of you, Mr. White.

comparable jobs类似工作
sales commissions销售提成
job performance工作表现
hourly wage计时工资
tighten its belt,(本义是扣紧安全带)这里指公司紧缩开支
one-time bonus一次性的奖金
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English glossary

Labour exchange, Employment exchange   职业介绍所(美作:Employment Bureau)
workshop   车间
profession, occupation   职务
employment, job   工作
situation, post   位置
to apply for a job   求职,找工作
to engage, to employ   雇用
work contract   劳务合同
vocational guidance   职业指导
vocational training   职业训练
holidays, holiday, vacation   假期
work   作品
inspiration   灵感,启发
muse   灵感
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